Thursday, November 5, 2009

Observation #1: Texting

I heard a radio commercial this morning that got me thinking. It was for maybe Verizon or some other faceless cell phone corporation, and they were advertising a brand new cutting-edge cell phone with apparently superior texting capabilities. The ad consisted of two teenage boys conversing and comparing the relative merits of their respective phones. After some contrived banter, the teen advocating the new Verizon phone essentially ended the conversation by telling his mate that "texting is the language of popularity."

That part bothered me. "The language of popularity." In general, texting does not lend itself to great importance. You will never receive a text message that says, "Hey, dad died," or, "You're bankrupt," or, "Your sister is in the hospital again with leukemia." These are not messages that should be tramsitted via text messages. They're weight and importance deserves more than just impersonal pixelated letters and a customized ringtone. They deserve face-to-face interaction.

Therefore, if the language of popularity is texting, and texting does not lend itself to messages of any importance, what does that say about popularity?

Just a thought.

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