Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'll think of a title later

Dear everyone,

Hi, there. I'm Taney. I'll be chiming in from time to time here. I have a feeling that Alexis will be covering the day-to-day goings-on, whereas I will generally post about observations I make or feelings I have. Yes, Alexis wears the pants in our relationship, a fact further evidenced by her out-earning me by about 2 to 1. And I'm OK with it.

I think I may be allergic to blogs. Every time I try to post something, I feel an overwhelming apathy about the whole thing (or maybe that should be underwhelming, since, if there's an adjective that belongs with "apathy," surely it's that one), in the same way that I'm allergic to penicillin and country music. Maybe it's just a symptom of my having nothing terribly interesting to say, and nothing terribly interesting to say it about.

I read a lot of books. I even once read a book about all the books another guy had read ("The Polysallabic Spree," Nick Hornby). I once met someone who professed to me that there was never a book he didn't finish upon starting it. This, to me, is pure lunacy. There are innumberable stacks of fantastic literature out there just screaming to be read. Why oh why should I bother finishing a crappy novel when there are scores of better books waiting to step in and take its place?

Maybe that's what I'll post about: the books I read. That sounds like as good an idea as any. At least until Alexis and I have a kid that swallows our lives whole. Then, I'm sure, I'll be more than happy to bore the pants off anyone who'll listen with the exact sleeping and excretory habits of my little bundle of joy.


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  1. Taney I would totally enjoy reading your thoughts about what books you have read. I really enjoy reading and talking with other people that like to read.

    So here is my sound endorsement for you to blog!