Sunday, December 6, 2009

So Blessed

As I was cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago I found a list titled "Someday" that Taney and I had made when we were first married. It was a list of things we wanted/needed to buy someday when we had enough money to do so. I was surprised to look at that list and realize that now, only 2 years later we have almost everything on that list. Here's what our list included: Vacuum, Broom, Couch, Bookshelf, Ironing board, Pots and Pan set, Haircut, Car insurance, a Bike for Taney and a Computer. Things that most people would just consider necessities, or normal to have. Well, when we got married we had only $25 to our name and were still in college. So, we were those quintessential poor college students. The only thing we needed was food and each other. Now, only 2 years later we have all those things (well, except a nice pots and pans set, I still can't find one I like that's in the price range I want to pay) and more. And we barely think about how lucky we are. We think we couldn't live without those things. 

With Thanksgiving upon us, the last few weeks I've been thinking about all the things that I have and am so thankful for. I've also been thinking about that time when we were first married and all the blessings that we received, and the helpful people in our lives. Those who helped us with rent when we were just a little bit short, those who donated couches to our furniture-less apartment so we wouldn't have to sit on bean bags and video game chairs anymore. Those who became our friends, and essentially our family, when we were lonely. And those who kept us in your prayers. We are so blessed to have all the things that we do, and to have such amazing people in our lives. 

Daily I thank the Lord for all that He has given me and for the people that He has sent to be my personal angels. I hope that I never take for granted all the wonderful things and people that I have. That would be a truly sad day. 


  1. Oh my gosh- that is so funny! We have that same list!! Although, we made ours a few months ago, when trav started a new job and times were tough and we had ZERO dollars! ANyways- I just looked at ours yesterday and I was happy to see that I could cross off a few things as well! Hurray for lists!

  2. Wow....that really puts things into perspective! You're right we tend to look at those things as the "norm" and forget what we had in the beginning. Thank you for being our family when we needed you!!