Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ultrasounds: The Good, The Bad, and The Messy

Today was my first ultrasound. It was one of the most exciting days of my life thus far.

But it had a serious down side too. They require that you come with a bladder full. So they required me to drink 24 oz. of fluid an hour before my appointment and not pee until after the ultrasound. So, 9:45 I urinated. 10:00 I began drinking water. I drank approximately 30 oz. of water in 20 minutes. I left for the Dr.'s office at 10:50 and arrived at 11:05. I thought I was going to wet myself going over the speed bumps in the parking lot. Unfortunately the ultrasound tech was running behind schedule. My 11:15 appointment didn't begin until 11:30. I told the tech that I didn't know if I'd be able to make it through without wetting myself. She told me she only needed 2 pictures with a full bladder, then I could empty my bladder and we could see pictures of the baby.

I went to sit on the table and seriously thought I was going to lose it. She quickly snapped the 2 pictures she needed then gave me a towel to whip the goopy stuff off my tummy and sent me to the bathroom. I didn't get any of it off, and didn't even zip up my pants. I ran out the door to the bathrooms, AND THEY WERE FULL. At this point I was thinking, "just give me a trash can. I can't hold it any longer." Luckily one of the doors opened just then. HALLELUJAH! And there was much rejoicing!

I went back into the ultra tech room and she gooped up my tummy with that stuff and we looked at Jellybean for 20 minutes. When I first saw that little head I cried. She spent the first 15 minutes taking pictures of his organs, and taking measurements to see how he was growing. The first 15 minutes Jellybean kept legs crossed, and wouldn't turn so we cold see the sex. Then all of the sudden Jellybean did some somersaults and the ultrasound tech said, "Ok, those are boy parts" and she pointed at the screen. I was a little shocked. "Are you sure? I thought for sure it was a girl." She giggled, and he moved, full on crotch shot, "those are definitely boy parts." I thought for sure it was a girl, but I am so happy to have a boy.

I hurried to go see Taney as soon as I got the pictures. He was really excited. I had lunch with him before I had to go back to the Dr. office for my regular OB appointment.

They changed my due date. They don't know if it's because he's developing slower than he should, or if we conceived later than we thought. But we thought I was at 18 weeks 5 days, and the ultrasound had him measured at 17 weeks 1 day. Almost 2 weeks earlier than we thought. So my new due date is August 2. Other than that he is healthy. Amniotic fluids look good, blood flow through the 3 vessel umbilical cord, heart beat is at 143, which is great. All fingers and toes are accounted for. The ultrasound tech also commented on how big his ears looked (not really news I wanted to hear, but at least he's healthy.)

I couldn't stop smiling all day! Seeing the little guy move on the ultrasound made it all seem more real that before.

To celebrate I went thrift shopping with some friends and bought some more boys clothes and baby toys. I'm glad to be surrounded by friends who are like family.


  1. Ahhhh! I hated ultrasounds. The stuff they put on your stomach always made my clothes all oily-looking. Even when I thought it was all off, I always missed a spot.

  2. The goopy stuff wasn't the worst part for me, it was all the water I had to drink before. I've never had to pee so bad in my life. EVER.