Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 14

I just wanted to give you an update of our pregnancy this far. Today I am 14 weeks and 5 days along (estimated, we can't be SURE until we have an ultrasound, but I'm pretty sure.) We went to the doctor again last week. Taney came with me this time. He was able to hear the heartbeat. It was cool to watch his face when he heard it. I think hearing it helped him connect with Jellybean (that's what we call the baby, because we don't like to say "it") a little more. The heart is beating at 162 beats per minute. Dr. Juarez said 160 is normal, so it's a little fast, but nothing to worry about, it just means Jellybean is healthy. That's exactly what I needed to hear! He asked if we were hoping for a boy or girl, we told him we wanted healthy, either way. So he's doing his best to assure us that Jellybean is indeed healthy.

I LOVE this doctor, by the way. Friends suggested him and I'm glad I listened. He has the most soothing voice, and answers all my questions in a comforting way, and always so I understand what he's talking about. And the nurses at the hospital say they like to work with him best, that's a good sign, too.

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on my next visit, Feb. 16, and if Jellybean is cooperative we'll be able to find out the sex then. Keep your fingers crossed.

I was looking at some of the paperwork that they gave me at the Dr.'s office, with the estimated costs and insurance stuff, she highlighted and checked boxes of what they estimated. On one line she had circled twins. I freaked out for a minute. Then I realized it was vaginal delivery on the line above it that she had circles, and twins was just close by. Taney giggled because he's been hoping for twins.

My clothes are starting to fit funny. I'm not that big yet, but big enough for my pants to be uncomfortable. I found a few shirts that were big in the belly, but haven't found pants yet. Friends recommended a bella band which I guess is a giant piece of ribbing and elastic to put over unzipped pants. I'm gonna have to invest in one of those soon.

Morning sickness is basically over, I think. I haven't thrown up for several days, and hope it stays that way. I did not like the few weeks when I was throwing up multiple times a day.

Other great news. Taney got his temple recommend last week. We're going this week to get the Stake Pres. to sign them, and then we're going to be sealed. We're REALLY excited!!! No firm dates on anything yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

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  1. I'm so excited for you, Alexis! Its so exciting to go through all of this for the first time. You should get "what to expect when expecting" so you can keep up with everythign thats going on. that was my bible for a while. I'm glad you have a good doctor. i hear too many stories of awful nurses and awful doctors. So i'm glad you have a fav. Keep us posted on teh sex!! sure can't wait to find out!