Friday, August 17, 2012

Max at 9 months

Maxwell is now 9 months old. How did that happen? No seriously. It feels like yesterday he was lying on my chest, unable to lift his head and sleep longer than a couple of hours.

He is very mobile the last few weeks. He crawls all over the apartment like a champion. He couldn't figure out crawling for a long time. He did the army crawl/scoot for a couple of weeks before he figured out the full crawl. He is also very good at cruising around on the edges of furniture. He has even figured out how to get from standing to crawling position without falling and hitting his head. Which is good, because I am fairly sure he had a concussion last week. He was crawling around at the church as I was cleaning up after a fundraiser. He made his way to a trash can and tried to stand up. He pulled it down on top of himself and hit his head on that hard floor.

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