Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I am a product tester with Smiley 360. I receive free products in exchange for my honest opinions. I recently got a box of Airheads with the challenge to use them in a food craft. Well, I've been using them in food crafts for a LONG time...so here are some of the one I have used in the past. Also, some that we played with today.

Leaves on my apple cupcakes are made from a green Airhead.
Details on my Brazillian Flag Cupcakes are made from Airheads.

The heart on our Companion Cube cake is a Cherry Airhead.

Our Cupcake Garden was only 
made possible by Airheads.  


 Thanksgiving Turkey made with Airheads and Airheads Bites

 Candy Cane from Airheads? Yes, Please.

Kids loved making their names with the Airheads rolled out flat and cookie cutters!

Optimus Prime would be incomplete without Airheads.


  Thanks Smiley360 for the fun challenge. I've really liked this challenge and cannot wait to use Airheads in another food craft. If you are interested in free samples from Smiley360 visit http://h5.sml360.com/-/1gms8

If you are interested in more of my cupcakes please or food creations please visit facebook.com/kurthcakes. 

Rainbow Cupcakes

I recently became a product tester with Smiley360. One of our products to test is using Airheads and other like products to do a food craft. I used these AirHead Xtreams to make some cute cupcakes. BUT...I forgot to take pictures...so I thought someone else maybe did. I was surprised to see how many people also did the EXACT same thing.

I used my favorite white cake recipe (found here) and a standard American Buttercream recipe (found here). Then cut a strip of the rainbow Extreme and stuck it in the piped clouds.

SUPER SIMPLE! My 2- and 5-year-olds did most of it.